• WIFI rigid borescope
  • wifi rigid borescope for iphone
  • wifi rigid borescope with side-viewing mirrors
  • wifi rigid borescope clear scale
  • 26inch Wifi Rigid Rifle Borescope

    Work with Iphone Ipad Andriod Windows Mac Chromebook
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  • TSNTG150HW
    • 【Designed for Rifle Barrel Inspection】With short focal length camera, you can inspect barrel cleanliness, throat erosion, tool marks, rifling wear, chamber damage and fouling.
    • 【Wide Compatibility- iPhone, Android&PC】Equipped with a pluggable wireless WiFi adapter, so that you can play live barrel image on iPhone, iPad & Android. Remove the adapter, it can work with Windows PC, MacBook & ChromeBook.
    • 【Easy to Control】The 67cm/26inch rod gives a better handling. The scale on the tube helps you locate your spot easily.
    • 【Works With All Caliber Barrel】The 0.2 inch diameter camera allows easy entry into rifle barrels as small as .22 caliber, and all larger caliber barrels as well.
    • 【90° Side-view Mirror】With the detachable 90° side view mirror, you can check the rifle barrel wall, or remove it to check the firing point.
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