• NTS450A video borescope mian viewing
  • first looking for great video borescope
  • each part of borescope in your eyes like a video
  • rechargeable battery of video borescope
  • get video from many area with borescope
  • NTS450A video borescope is waterproof
  • NTS450A Industrial Video Borescope with Semi-Rigid Cable and Waterproof IP67 Camera

    NTS450A 4.5 inch
  • NTS450A
    • Built-in 4.5-inch LCD color screen and 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the endoscope can be worked right out of the box. Do not require phone to download any driver software, no more worrying about smudging your smartphone.
    • The probe is waterproof, monitor is rainproof. With the newest multi-waterproof technology, the probe will have a outstanding waterproof function even when the waterproofer of the cable is broken
    • Unlike cheap usb borescope, the professional endoscope with metal gooseneck can be easily placed into the storage box for using next time. Come with a hard plastic toolbox, you can take it to your workplace
    • The unique anti-glare technology helps to reduce the camera being over exposed, which keeps the image sharpness and fidelity.
    • With 6 adjustable LED lights help to get a better view in dark environment
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TESLONG NTS450A industrial endoscope help you inspect hard-to-reach places such as inside engines/pipes/walls/gears/pistons/tubes without the need to dismantle a system or a manchine.You can easily and quickly locate potential problems with an industrial inspection camera.It is widely applied in automotive,HVAC,plumbing and machine maintenance and repair.The video borescope is very easy to use and you don't need download any app or wifi connections ect...You just need press power button and see high quality image.The image&video record is far better than andriod&iphone endoscope.It makes your work more easy and effectively.The probe is waterproof IP67 and monitor is Rain Resistant.A flash light on the top of the monitor help you can use it even in dark environment.Four adjustable brightness LEDs on the camera head help you inspect dark areas.

For video borescope, they are often used in a variety of complex environments. At this time, the diameter of cameras and cables is very small, so that they are more suitable for completing the functions of photography and video recording in complex environments. However, this endoscope has optional diameter of 5.5mm / 7.6mm and optional length of 3m / 5m, which can absolutely meet your special needs.

Teslong video borescope cameras always have six LED lights, and this type of device is no exception. The brightness of the LED lamp can be adjusted manually according to your requirements. The endoscope can record captured pictures and display them in real time on the screen. It can be stored directly on TF memory card (microSD). Camera comes with 8GB card, which supports up to 32GB card.

To be sure, battery capacity is one of the factors you must consider when choosing an video borescope. Then, this model of endoscope is not disappointing. Lithium-ion batteries with capacity of 2500mAh can work continuously for 6 hours. The time is enough for you to do all the inspection and finish the work.

This equipment has waterproof function. It should be noted that the waterproof level of the camera is IP67, which can be immersed in water less than 1 meter for 30 minutes. However, the main body is only rainproof and can not survive in the immersion.

In order to adapt to and complete the complex inspection environment, the cable is semi-rigid and can maintain its shape when encountering obstacles. For example, when inspecting a curved pipe, the cable will automatically deform along the curved pipe. This video borescope also has several practical accessories, magnets, side-view mirrors and hooks, which can meet your different needs.

Model:   NTS450A

Display:  Color LCD, 4.5 inch

Resolution:  JPG image: 1280 x 720 pixels / 1920 x 1080 pixels      AVI video: 1280 x 720 pixels 

Probe diameter:  5.5mm / 7.6mm

Cable length:  3m / 5m

Cable rigidity:  Semi-rigid

Lights:  6 LEDs (adjustable intensity)

Storage medium:  Micro SD card(come with 8GB, up to 32GB)

Power Source:  Rechargeable 2500mAh 18650 Li-ion battery

Battery life:  5 - 6 hours

Charging Port:  Micro-usb

Menu languages:  English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese

Waterproof:  IP67

Packing list:

Teslong NTS450A  Video Borescope x1

Micro USB Cable x1

User Manual x1

8G TF Card x1

Hook x1

Magnet x1

Mirror x1

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