• Standable Industrial endoscope 4.5inch IPS Screen Well Worth the Price

    With display,no app need to download,easy to use
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  • TSMS450

    1.High price/quality ratio industrial endoscope.

    2.With display,no app need to download,easy to use

    3.Dual lens,front view + side view camera

    4.High image quality

    5.TESLONG offer 18months warranty

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We offer 18months warranty and 45days money-back guarantee for every products.Welcome your order.TESLONG quality will impressed you.

Updated 4.5” IPS 1080P HD Display Screen

From 4.3” to 4.5” now gives this model 3 times ultra HD image compared to the 4.3” model on the market and the resolution up at 854x480 (400K Pixels), but the 4.3" on the market, the resolution is only 480x272 (130K Pixels).

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