• rifle bore scope full viewing
  • Rifle Bore Scope (Attach 3pcs side view mirrors)

    NTG100 - for Windows, Mac and Android
  • Features:
    • Windows, Mac and Android Compatible
    • 10mm Short Focal Length -  It works effectively from about 1/16 inch to 1 inch away from the subject
    • 0.2inch Slim Camera Diameter - It is ideal for use on .223 caliber  or larger.
    • 40inch semi-rigid cable length - Ensures that even the longest rifle barrels can be visualized without issue.
    • High clarity of the image - Take pictures or HD videos
    • Side-Viewing Miror -  Screw mirror in or out depend on your caliber diameter to get best focal distance and using "lock ring" to hold it in position.  
    • 6 LED lights in Camera Head - Adjust light intensity 
    Attention:Please avoid flexible the cable more than necessary.Otherwise it will damage the internal optics. It doesn't support  iPhone & iPad                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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If you are an avid hunter, target shooter, gunsmith, rifle collector, firearms manufacturer, or forensic scientist you will find that Teslong NTG100 borescope is a valuable tool to learn about proper care, cleaning and maintenance for your rifle barrels.

Inspecting the grooves in the firearm barrels can be completed to find erosion, fouling and tool-marks which effect accuracy, and the borescope support for taking pictures or video recording by connecting to your smartphone, mac and Windows, which allowing you to have a clear, crisp and up close views of the entire barrel.

3.28ft/5m Semi-rigid Borescopes are mostly used in the rifle barrel inspections, can checks the defects existed on the inner surface of gun barrel easily, such as flaw, ablation, and rifling damage, etc, without a costly and time-consuming teardown. Discovering and fixing problems while they are still small, saves money, time and enhances safety, and prolonging the working life of your firearm.

  • For gun barrel inspection, a borescope needs to have good lighting and very short focus distance (less than 3mm) due to very limited space, also the diameter of gun barrel scopes have be small. For inspections of extra small bores in firearm mechanism, Teslong NTG100 ultra thin fiberscopes will be the best choice. With outer diameter as small as 0.5mm virtually any gun's bore can be reached and inspected.
  • NTG100 gun barrel borescopes with Side mirror have manual focus feature, and can connect to PC, Android phones and Mac to preview and take pictures and videos. Side mirror usually has slight large diameter.
  • Our gun borescopes are used by gunsmiths, firearm manufacturers, precision rifle shooters, and gun enthusiasts. The scope is also called rifle borescope, gunsmith borescope, firearm borescope, precision shooting borescope, handgun borescope, pistol borescope and rifle barrel borescope.

Software & App you need

Windows 7/8/10 or later:

1.[Windows Camera]—The built-in Camera software of Windows10, only for Win10.
2.[Teslong camera] or [Amcap]

Android 4.4+:
[Teslong camera], [CameraFi] or [USB Camera]
For some Android devices, if there is nothing in the preview area, please get into Android Settings | Permissions | Storage Permissions | and enable Teslong Camera

Mac OSX 10.6+:
[Photo Booth] or [QuickTime Player]

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