• It's a spare part for Teslong NTS150RS inspection camera
  • 1 meter long, perfect length for plumbing, automotive inspection and other uses
  • 300K pixels VGA high performance camera module, 5.5mm diameter camera with 6 adjustable LED lights
  • Flexible obedient probe retains configured shape for different inspection needs
  • Water, oil, dust and scratch resistant (IP67 standard)

  • Only apply for NTS150RS, make sure you already have an NTS150RS device before you buy.
  • It doesn't come with Mirror, Hook or Magnet accessories

More Specifications:

Diameter: 5.5 mm
Shaft Length: 1 meter
Resolution: 300K pixels VGA
Viewing angle: 60 °
Depth of Field: 3 ~ 6cm
Light Source: 6 adjustable LED