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  • Rifle Bore Scope(Ship within one week after Chinese New Year Holiday.)

    NTG100 - for Windows, Mac and Android
  • TESLONG NTG100 is an affordable borescope do a decent job for inspecting gun barriel after cleaning before DBC ect...
    It comes with 10mm short focus length and 5mm/0.2" diameter probe perfectly fit into .20 calibre rifle.
    It also features a moveable side-viewing mirror to adjust focus range when viewing gun barrel wall.
    NTG100 work with Android Phone 4.5+ devices( support OTG & UVC function), Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS10.6+ PC.
    Notice: This model does not support iPhone and iPad!!!

    Attention:In order to avoid the inside of the probe to be damaged by the tightly winding and excessive benting, the new package adopts bigger cardboard box and it won't contain the portable small black case

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Detection and Application of Rifle Barrel Bore scope:

The cleaning and maintenance of rifle barrel is an important process of gun equipment maintenance to ensure the safety, accuracy and service life of guns. Flexible borescopes are not only used to inspect the barrel of a rifle, but also to visualize any parts of the gun that are difficult to penetrate, as long as these parts are enough for the endoscope probe to enter. Endoscopic examination of gun barrels is relatively easy. You can view endoscopic images in real time through a personal computer, a personal mobile phone or a monitor. You can also take photos or record video data. The caliber of the rifle barrel will be worn out during each shooting and cleaning. The use of professional gun barrel bore scope will make your rifle barrel cleaner and more thoroughly maintained, which will save you time, improve the accuracy and service life of the gun.

Typical applications of Rifle Barrel Borescope:

Inspection of new and second-hand rifles before purchase

Find the dirt inside and clean it up

Inspection of wear and tear of gun hole

Inspection of barrel defects

Traditional flexible borescopes are widely used in the maintenance of rifle barrels. They provide users with an absolutely clear and clear image.

For barrel inspection, due to limited space and small caliber of barrel, endoscopes need good lighting and very short focal length. Our rifle barrel bore scope, with a very fine diameter, can be used in 5.56mm barrels. They are fitted with side-view mirrors and focusing rings. The optimum focal length can be adjusted according to the diameter of different barrels to obtain high-definition video effect, so as to check whether the barrel is dirty, whether the riflings are worn or not, and whether the chamber is damaged.

Notice: This model does not support iPhone and iPad!!!

Teslong NTG Rifle Bore Scope
A affordable solution for caring your rifle barrel

From Teslong, Professional Manufacturer of Inspection Camera
* Clear and stable inspection image with our advanced micro camera technology
* With rich manufacturing and production experience for borescope
* 18-month warranty

Designed For Rifle Barrel Inspection
Short-Focus Camera and Side-View Mirror combine to provide clear barrel wall images

5mm Diameter Camera
Industry leading camera diameter of 0.2inch, easy enter the rifle, fits .20 caliber and larger barrels

40 Inches Long Elastic Cable
Enough provide a view of the entire inside of the barrel.
The elastic cable is easy to handle, and it can also be bent for storage in a carrying bag.

Photo and Video
Images can be captured and save to your computer or smartphone

Software Function
Please install suitable APP for your devices.

Windows 7/8/10 or later:
1.[Windows Camera]—The built-in Camera software of Windows10, only for Win10.
2.[Teslong camera] or [Amcap]

Android 4.4+:
[Teslong camera], [CameraFi] or [USB Camera]
For some Android devices, if there is nothing in the preview area, please get into Android Settings | Permissions | Storage Permissions | and enable Teslong Camera

Mac OSX 10.6+:
[Photo Booth] or [QuickTime Player]

Please Notice that it includes 3pcs side-view mirrors in package list now.

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