• TESLONG Pistol Borescope 10inch (New Release)

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  • TSNTG100P
    • TESLONG New Release
    • 【Designed for Pistol Barrel Inspection】The shortened version of Teslong NTG100H Borescope, more flexible and compact, making it easier to inspect for pistol cleanliness, throat erosion, tool marks, rifling wear, chamber damage and fouling
    • 【Complete Internal View of the Pistol】The 10 inch rod is longer than most pistols, and fits .20 caliber and larger pistol barrels. You do not need to switch from barrel to muzzle to fully inspect bore.
    • 【90° Side-view Mirror】With the detachable 90°, 5mm/0.2 inch side view mirror, you can check the pistol barrel wall, or remove it to check the firing point.
    • 【Work with Android Phone & PC】Equipped with a 2-in-1 USB&Micro-USB plug and a Type-C adapter, so that you can play live barrel image on your Android device, Windows PC, Macbook & ChromeBook. This USB version does NOT work with iPhone or iPad!!!
    • 【Take Pictures and Vdeos】Our Android app and PC software both support photo and video functions. You can take photos or record videos of your pistol inner situation, and send it to professionals for advice.
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Teslong NTG100P USB Pistol Barrel Borescope

Notice: This model does not support iPhone and iPad! Also not support Amazon Fire, Amazon Kindle.

Designed For Pistol Barrel Inspection
Short-Focus Camera and Side-View Mirror combine to provide clear barrel wall images

5mm (0.2 inch) Diameter Camera
Industry leading 5mm (or 0.2 inch) camera diameter , easy enter the pistol, fits .20 caliber and larger barrels.

10 Inches Long Elastic Cable
Enough provide a view of the entire inside of the barrel.

Photo and Video
Images can be captured and saved to your computer or smartphone

Software Function
Windows 7/8/10 or later:
1.[Windows Camera]—The built-in Camera software of Windows10, only for Win10.
2.[Endoscope camera] or [Amcap]

Android 4.4+:
[Endoscope camera], [CameraFi] or [USB Camera]
For some Android devices, if there is nothing in the preview area, please get into Android Settings | Permissions | Storage Permissions | and enable Teslong Camera

Mac OSX 10.6+:
[Photo Booth] or [QuickTime Player]

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