How to clean baby's ears ?

The following eight steps should be mastered. 1.First, in a small soap box, baby soap is rubbed out of foam. 2. Wash the baby's ear and ear first. Let the baby lie on the big bed, the mother kneel beside the baby's head...
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Lotion cleaner for ear washing

We need ear cleaner, Often there is foreign body secretion in the human ear, and the ear is an open human structure. It is easy to bring garbage to the ear because of the air, so these conditions will cause the problem of dirt accumulation in the ear....
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How do we check our ears by otocsope ?

Often people complain of earache, so what are the causes of earache, how to use otoscope? External ear examination included auricle, periauricular tissue, external auditory meatus orifice, external auditory meatus bone and tympanic membrane surface examination....
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