The following eight steps should be mastered.

1.First, in a small soap box, baby soap is rubbed out of foam.

2. Wash the baby's ear and ear first. Let the baby lie on the big bed, the mother kneel beside the baby's head, or let the baby lie in the crib, the mother sits on the side of the crib.

3. Then, the mother put a palm gently on one side of the baby's cheek, so that the baby's face facing one side.

4. Mom dips her finger in a little soap, rubs the back of the ear and the auricle with her finger like a massage, and rubs the dirt fully.

5. Wipe with the prepared twisted-dry gauze until it is clean.

6. Gently wipe the cotton sliver made of sterile cotton at the ear entrance.

7. Be careful when cleaning. Don't let water pour into the baby's external ear canal to avoid middle ear inflammation.

8. I really can't or dare not clean my baby. I can also find a professional swimming pool to solve this problem.

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