• Teslong Newly Released 5 Inch HD Large Screen Industrial Endoscope NTS500

    5.0 inch Bigger Screen / 3500mAh
  • $189.99

  • Teslong NTS500 is a high level industrial endoscope with 5.0 inch bigger screen and 3500mAh battery, top level quality.

    • Diameter / Length:
    • 5.5mm Dual Lens / 1m
    • 5.5mm Dual Lens / 3m
    • 7.6mm / 1m --single len, no side view
    • 7.6mm / 3m --single len, no side view

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dual lends endoscope suitable for industrial inspection

advantage of endoscope in industrial area

car industrial inspection while has NTS500 endoscope

new upgrade endoscope lcd screen is suited in industrial application

endoscope is waterproof suitable for industrial testing

This is a newly released industrial endoscope with a 5-inch super-large HD screen that allows users to instantly enjoy live video without wasting time and energy on software and WiFi connections. You can capture stable and smooth images and videos, and then save them on the TF Card (including 16G card). The photographic resolution is 1280x720 and 1920x1080, and the recording video resolution is 1280x720.

Industrial endoscope Lens diameter is still optional (3.9mm/5.5mm/7.6mm/8.0mm/14mm). It is especially recommended that you choose 5.5mm dual lens, forward camera and side-looking camera. This design can help you explore from different angles so that you can clearly search blind areas. Just press a button to switch the viewing direction. Switch the view from 0 to 90 or vice versa. The 0 degree view camera allows normal direct vision. With a 90 degree view camera, the side of the object, such as the side wall, can be viewed without using a mirror. IP67 class waterproof and serpentine semi-rigid cables let you not worry about underwater exploration.

As it's industrial, six LED lights with adjustable brightness provide clear video quality in narrow space without shadows and glare.

Cause of the 5-inch screen, second reason is industrial design, of course, the endoscope is equipped with a large capacity of 3,500 mAh lithium-ion batteries to support continuous work for about 4 hours.

The camera head is covered with toughened glass protective film to avoid extrusion and glare. The integral reinforcement structure ensures the service life of the product.

This product also has a very intimate design, which is equipped with microphones and speakers, can record audio video, which is not the function of previous products.

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