• Teslong USB Digital Otoscope

    Visual Ear Wax Remover
  • US $32.99

    • Diameter 3.9mm or 4.3mm for option
    • With 6 LED Light, no overheating problem
    • Warterproof camera, easier to clean it with water or wipe with alcohol
    • Compatible with USB, Micro USB, Type-c
    • Compatible with PC, Android smartphone and laptops

    Please Note: 

    iPhone is not supported

    • Diameter:
    • 3.9mm
    • 4.3mm

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Teslong Ear wax remover otoscope has 6 LED Light which brightness is adjustable.

The diameter is 3.9mm or 4.3mm which is much thinner than most otoscopes.

Thus, it’s easy to use and widely used at home for children or adults or patients in the clinic.

With an Teslong Ear otoscope, also a wax remover, taking pictures or recording videos of the eardrums and external auditory canal will be not a problem.

Ear otoscope can detect subtle lesions that can not be detected by the naked eye, especially in the absence of reflective light sources.

How to use this ear wax remover ?

The method is to open the light source and insert the front end of the ear otoscope into the external auditory canal 1/3 slowly to observe the shape of the eardrums or wax.

Ear wax remover does not need any other light source, especially for bedridden patients and babies.

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