• ❤When you feel itchy or uncomfortable with your ears, use Teslong digital otoscope to simply check your ear to see if there is insect, foreign matter, or inflammation in them. This product is an indispensable household tool
  • ❤You can check your ears on your own with iPhone or Android smartphone. No need seek others for help. You can also save images and videos of the mirror and send them to your doctor for guidance
  • ❤The easiest way to use otoscope with iPhone & iPad, just connect in then open the app, no longer need trouble waiting for connection WiFi. It also can be used with Android smartphone, not support PC.
  • ❤We improved the production technology, the waterproof grade of this otoscope camera probe is IP67, you can clean it with water or wipe with alcohol, this would be much more clean and sanitary

When you find large earwax, foreign matter, or serious inflammation with this otoscope, we strongly recommend that you should go to your doctor for help, don't try to deal privately. 

Only support iOS and Android device
Compatible with iOS 8.0+ iPhone iPad, Android 4.4+ devices
Not support Mac and Windows PC

Plug and Play
Simply connect the otoscope directly to you device with the original cable of your device, unlike WiFi otoscope need trouble waiting for WiFi connection

Search for "IUVC Pro" on App store or Google Play to download the app.

1.The ear canal is not perfectly straight, gently pull the top of the ear up and back, this will help you view your eardrum easily. 
2.Please adjust the brightness of the LED lights when using this otoscope to prevent glare. 
3.The focal length of the camera is fixed at 2-3cm, please adjust the distance between the camera lens and your ear to get focused if you can not see the image clearly. 
4.Please keep the camera clean, avoid blurry image. 

Sensor: 1.0 Megapixel
Resolution: 1280x720 Pixels
Focal Length: 20-30mm
Light: 6 Brightness Adjustable LEDs