• Compatible with most Wi-Fi devices including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Sony, Tablet, iPad, Mac and Laptop
  • Foldable Phone Holder can hold 3.5 inch to 5.7 inch phones firmly and tightly to make it easy to carry or use
  • Interchangeable 2 Megapixel USB camera and high-performance Wi-Fi module guarantees interruption-free HD video streaming wirelessly
  • The semi-rigid cable is flexible yet can keep its shape well enough to enter some hard-to-reach spots

Teslong WF100 Overview 
This Wi-Fi camera is composed of a Wi-Fi transmitter and a interchangeable USB camera that can connect with your smart devices and display real-time video on it. 

Incredible Video and Image Quality 
A high quality cmos sensor and the special customized lens enables WF100 to offer high performance imaging and High-definition(HD) video output in an ultra-compact size. The camera records directly to your smartphone or device through wi-fi, so you can view and share your discoveries instantly. 

Smart Connectivity 
View your findings on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. Use our app on your phone to see what you discover anywhere. WF100 Wi-Fi camera provide 150Mbs high transmission rates that guarantee interruption-free HD video streaming. The built-in antennas greatly increase the wireless robustness and stability

Interchangeable USB Camera 
Accompanied with a 5 meters long semi-rigid cable, which is the best length to meet your daily needs. The semi-rigid cable can hold its shape well enough to enter some hard-to-reach spots. You can also interchange the camera with other different length or use of cameras. 

Waterproof Cable 
The cable is waterproof (IP67) and can work well in the drainpipe and other humid environment

Built-in Li-polymer Battery 
The built-in 900mAh rechargeable battery provides more than 1 hour operation time

Easy to Set Up 
Search “Mo-View” on Google Play Store or APP Store, or scan the QR code on the manual to download the APP. Connect your smart device with WF100 via Wi-Fi, open the APP and the live video will display on the screen.