• Dual Lens 5inch 8mm Industrial borescope inspection camera

    1m 3m 5m Cable Option
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  • Features:
    • Dual Lens -  Two different cameras; one on the tip and one on the side, so you do not need any additional attachments to view at 90 degrees.
    • 5 inch IPS Screen - 1280x720 HD resolution - Super high quality image - Not only bigger screen but 5 times clearer
    • IP67 Water & Rain Resistant  -  You can inspect pipes and such without damaging it
    • 6 Adjustable LEDs on the camera head - Allowing to see down the dark areas and easily control the brightness
    • A Flash Light on the Top of Monitor - You can use it even in dark enviroment
    • Easy to use - No App need to download complex software
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dual lends endoscope suitable for industrial inspection

car industrial inspection while has NTS500 endoscopenew upgrade endoscope lcd screen is suited in industrial application

endoscope is waterproof suitable for industrial testing

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